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Organization Members

Non-profit organizations can become members of the Baton Rouge Progressive Network. Your organization's membership helps connect you with our members and other progressive organizations in Baton Rouge.

Membership Cost

Annual membership cost is based on your non-profit organization’s annual budget.

Your Annual Budget BRPN Membership
Below $50,000 $50 per year
$50,000–$150,000 $120 per year
$150,000–$300,000 $150 per year
$300,000–$450,000 $200 per year
$450,000–$1 Million $500 per year
Above $1 Million $1,000 per year

Benefits of Non-Profit Partner Membership

The representative from your organization will receive:
  • Access to BRPN resources:
    • BRPN venue database
    • Advertise events in BRPN’s weekly community events e-newsletter
    • Post events on BRPN’s online community calendar
  • Radio station programming input
  • Access to first choice for radio station underwriting
  • Ability to partner with BRPN in cross-promotional fundraisers
  • Prominent listing on BRPN website and literature

Become a Member

If your organization is interested in becoming a member, please download our membership form and submit to:

   Baton Rouge Progressive Network
   P.O. Box 1042
   Baton Rouge, LA 70821

Note: All organization memberships are subject to board approval based on the group or business activities being in keeping with the mission statement and ideals of BRPN.