Community Riffs

Community Riffs are an exchange of questions & responses between BR progressives for the purpose of sharing with each other how we think, live, and feel, what we know, and how we engage with our community.

BRPN poses the questions via its weekly Community Events E-blast, Twitter feed, and Facebook page. You respond by commenting on a post, replying to a tweet, or emailing with “Riff” in the subject line.

Answers can be a word, sentence, list, paragraph, poem, quote, photograph - whatever you’re inspired to write or cite! Your response will be attributed to your first name and last initial unless you request otherwise. All constructive responses are compiled in a Tumblr post each week and shared via social media and on our website.

Past Riffs

Riff #1: What do you love or like about BR?

Riff #2: What do other cities have that you wish BR had, too?

Riff #3: How do you consume less and live more?

Riff #4: What book or documentary about LA issues/history/culture would you recommend to others?

Riff #5: What are your most and least favorite aspects of Mardi Gras?

Riff #6: What are your experiences at the LA state legislature?

Riff #8: What do you think about Jindal’s ed overhaul?

Riff #9: What is your favorite aspect of springtime in LA?

Riff #10: What community(ies) do you feel a part of in BR?

Riff #11: What do you think about the CATS tax?

Riff #12: Did the passage of the CATS tax surprise you?

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